Kari Woldum



“I don’t want to get to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” - Diane Ackerman


As an executive at Design Within Reach, I spent more than a decade curating product and building brand strategy for one of the country’s leading luxury retailers. I traveled the globe to edit an award-winning roster of home goods, created unique customer experiences, and laid pathways towards meaningful financial growth. I had the coveted NYC apartment, international travel, and Instagram-worthy Saturdays. The script I had been following and the path I had been moving along had brought me great success but I had a sense there might be something more.

I started exploring and studying with different teachers, hungry for new modalities and ways of thinking, moving, and caring for my body and mind. I started to unwind the traditional goal-oriented approach I had subscribed to for so many years. I faced old traumas, explored the deepest, darkest crevices, and got comfortable integrating all the parts of my life. The more I shared my story, the more the teacher in me began to rise.

Realizing I did not have to keep these two worlds separate was a defining moment in my career. I have made the choice to bring my whole self forward, to integrate my experience as an executive and a designer with my love for teaching and human connection. Deconstructing a brand is similar to deconstructing ourselves: on the other side is integrity, truth, and a clear vision for how to move forward.

Every day, I combine decades of design, brand, and strategy acumen with the wisdom I’ve gained exploring our capacity to grow as humans. I am here to awaken people through beauty and truth, I help brands and people do just that.