Kari Woldum


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THE Modern womAn's circle

What if, as women, we were given the opportunity to rewrite our scripts? What if we had the space to rethink what is possible for our relationships, careers, health, and communities?

Traveling the world as both student and teacher, witnessing the deeply personal stories of hundreds of women, I have heard our collective desire for more. We want to explore more of what’s possible, to inhabit more of our whole selves, to feel more, and to let "YES" lead.   

We are searching for outlets to talk about the things we are afraid to talk about, and for a place to move our bodies how we want. We crave being seen and feeling safe enough to share our innermost thoughts. And we are looking for like-minded women and a sense of community to support these desires.

Whether we are raising three children in the suburbs or hopping on the subway to a corporate office, we are saying loudly and clearly that traditional linear scripts no longer serve us.  We are ready to move beyond fixed ideas about how we are supposed to be, look, and feel as women.

Drawing on over a decade of training in yoga, Qoya, and holistic health (encompassing diet, meditation, and sexual health), I create safe spaces for an honest and potent inquiry into the modern woman’s experience. Through movement classes focused on feeling over doing, workshops that dig deep into our desires, and thought-provoking lectures around creating a new path, I guide women to slow down, reconnect to their intuition and the natural world, and share their stories with others.

Together, we are elevating the conversation around what it is to be a modern woman. We are saying the things that have gone unsaid, shining a light on what was once taboo, and redefining what is possible in our lives. We are forming a new kind of circle.